The Dentist
Ke Hu, D.D.S. is the managing dentist at the office. She is an active member of the American
Dental Association, the California Dental Association, and the Tri-County Dental Society.

Dr. Hu graduated from
Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine in 1985, and
practiced general dentistry in the city since then. She spent three years in clinical research in
Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA before obtaining her dental license from the Dental Board
of California in 2002.  Dr. Hu updates her dental knowledge by taking more than 50
continuing education credits each year.

Dr. Hu shows her gentleness, sensitivity and patience in her operation on patients, especially
on young children and those who are afraid of dentists. Some patients are worried that a
woman dentist cannot pull out a tooth, and Dr. Hu said: "tooth extraction needs skills and
arts, but not force".

For four years in a roll every year as part of ADA-sponsored
Give Kids A Smile, Dr. Hu
provided free dental care service to those needy kids whose families do not have any dental
insurance and do not qualify for the government Medi-Cal coverage.  

Dr. Hu will personally answer your questions when you have any dental need by texting to:
(760) 208-4858.
Healthy Dental Care
Serving the High Desert Communities
Preserve Your Lifetime Warranty
Patient Privacy, Safety & Emergency Preparedness

The privacy and safety of patients are our top priorities. As a small business with limited
resource to safeguide sensitive information, we implemented two key policies: keep
patient's database in a secured offline computer and do not collect social security number
for new patients.  

Radiation exposure in taking a dental X-ray film is extremely small and safe: about the
same background exposure a person gets in a day (~10 microsieverts, more so in
Southern California). In addition to fire alarms and extinguisher in preparation for fires and
earthquakes, our staff is trained and certified by the
American Red Cross to do CPR
whenever there is a need. We have also prepared an oxygen tank and some basic
prescription medicines for any medical emergency that occurs to our patients and/or their
family members while in our office.
Strict Hygiene & Sterilization

No matter what dental need is, the most important issue to an individual is the safety and
quality of receiving dental/health care. Due to the widespread of fatal viruses such as HIV,
which arguably causes AIDS, one needs to be cautious to ensure such a biosafety.
Otherwise, neglect to take care of your teeth is better than receiving it at a sub-standard
treatment environment.  

The bottom line: we stick to the principle of "Do No Harm" and strictly follow safety and
sterilization guidelines of the
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Our steam and pressure sterilizer
(Tuttnauer 2540MK) is periodically tested for it's effectiveness by
North Bay/Bioscience, an
independent and certified test center. Reusable items such as mirrors, dental probes, and
amalgam carriers are cleaned, sonicated, and soaked overnight with Medica-28 plus, a
glutaraldehyde-based disinfecting solution, which is changed every 28 days. All needles
and other consumables are single-use only and properly disposed according to respective
guidelines to ensure a safe and clean environment.
Materials Used in Treatments

All materials used in dental treatments are purchased from major dental suppliers such as
Pearson Dental Supply Company, and Kings Two Dental Supply Company.   Materials
used in dental fillings, cements, impressions are approved by the
American Dental
Association (ADA) which also approves toothpastes and other OTC oral hygiene products,
and/or by the
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which oversees the safety of foods,
drugs, as well as medical and dental devices and materials. Many of these materials are
more expensive than gold in term of weight or volume!

Composite materials used for white fillings are made by Den Mat, amalgam used for silver
fillings are made by Kerr Corporation, Dycal used to insulate exposed nerves in cavities
are made by Dentsplay International, Inc., and cements, Durelon and GC Fuji I, used to
glue crowns are made by 3M ESPE and GC Corporation, respectively.  Concerned
patients are encouraged to check out their safety information from respective

Amalgalm has been safely used in dental filling for decades and is endorsed by the ADA.  
Proposition 65 of California still has a contradictory warning: this product
contains mercury, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or
other reproductive harm
.  Patients are advised to make their own decision as which
material to be used in their dental fillings.  White filling has more plasticity and natural
color, and has been a good alternative to amalgam.