Services Provided

* General Dentistry (for ages 18 up)

Tooth Cleaning (Prophylaxis)
Gum Disease Treatment (Scaling and Root Planing)
Root Canal Therapy
Crowns & Bridges
Oral Surgery

* Children’s Dentistry (for ages 1 to 18)

Tooth Cleaning (Prophylaxis)
Sealant Application (protection for healthy permanent teeth)
Fluoride Varnish
Root Canal Therapy
Crowns & Bridges
Oral Surgery

* Cosmetic Dentistry (for all ages)
Porcelain Crowns
Zoom! Tooth Whitening (~ 1 hour)
Tooth Whitening (Others)

* Evidence-Based Dentistry
Helping patients in making a wiser decision

* Consultation or Second Opinion

*Education and Prevention
                    Insurance Acceptance

Most insurance (PPO) are accepted unless there is a restriction on the insurance side (e.g.,
DMOs requiring prior registration with participating dentists).  

We'll process and file claims on behalf of our patients for covered benefits.
Healthy Dental Care
Preserve Your Lifetime Warranty
Serving the High Desert Communities
                     Payment Arrangement

Co-payments, deductibles, and other non-covered fees can be paid with major credit cards
(Visa, Mastercard, Discover), Paypal, debit cards, Care Credit, and cash.  

No personal check is accepted.